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Coffee Machine Troubleshooting: What To Fix In Order To Get Your Fix

It's morning--again. And you feel like a zombie--again. Somehow you manage (in your still-dreamy state) to shuffle to the kitchen and start the coffee maker, in the hope that you will shortly return to the land of the living. However, the gods of the morning have cursed you and your machine is not working. Fortunately, this misery does not have to be permanent. After taking a trip to the local coffee house to get your fix, you might be able to fix your coffee machine yourself or learn how to make coffee without one. Read More 

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sharing my love of food

Some of my best memories from my childhood are from the many times I spent working in the kitchen with my grandmother and my mother. I learned to love cooking at a very young age and that love has helped shape my adult life to what it is today. I love cooking, creating and eating all sorts of foods and love sharing these things with as many people as I can. This blog is filled with tips, ideas and tricks that can help you make the time you spend in your kitchen preparing meals, baked goods and treats for those that you love much more enjoyable for you and the people you are serving the food to.