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3 Big Reasons Potato Buns Rock the Summer Barbecue

What kind of foods do you think of when you think about a summer barbecue? Do you conjure up images of grilled veggies, summer melon salads, burgers, and hot dogs? There is also one little tidbit of the menu that you may have just been missing all this time: potato buns. These delectable buns are available at just about any fresh bakery you walk into, and it is for good reason. This old-fashioned roll is versatile, flavorful, and works well with just about every type of menu—especially the summer food menu you would normally find at a barbecue.

Here is a quick look at the biggest reasons why potato buns can take your summer barbecue food list from ordinary to rocking. 

Potato buns are super moist. 

Potatoes are chock full of starch, and that starch absorbs moisture like you wouldn't believe. This means that while breads that have a yeasty base can have a dry flavor, potato buns just melt in your mouth with delectable moisture. This makes them an excellent bread for pairing with smoky foods and even meats that have a lot of dry herbs and flavored seasonings. 

Potato buns are lightweight. 

There is a really good reason why most bakers despise large volumes of gluten in their bread: it prevents the dough from rising up light and airy as it proofs and bakes. Potato buns don't have this issue because gluten is not involved, only starch. Enlarged starch molecules in the potato bread dough actually combats gluten when wheat flours is used, so the end result is this lightweight, airy bun that works perfectly for pairing with that hearty hamburger or smoked sausage. 

Potato buns stay fresh in spite of the summer sun. 

Lay out some regular buns on a plate in the summer sun and watch what happens. They will become stale and crusty in no time flat. Potato buns, on the other hand, have one of the longest shelf lives of various roll types because the potato starch continuously serves up moisture to prevent quick staling. So if you gather a plate of buns and takes a few minutes for everyone to get their plates ready, their rolls will still taste just as fresh. 

So maybe it all boils down to that lovely potato starch, but the fact is, potato rolls are worthy of praise. Make sure you check with a local fresh bakery in your area the next time you are planning your backyard barbecue menu. To stock up, contact suppliers like Klosterman Baking Company.

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