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Good Uses For Dry Ice

Dry ice, also known by many as emergency ice, is a great item that can offer you a lot of fantastic uses. Some of the uses dry ice can offer are more about fun, while other uses it has can be downright helpful to you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the many uses that dry ice can help with:

Getting dents from hail out of your car

If you live in an area where the hail can cause damage to your car, then you may want to get used to the idea that dry ice can help you to remove those dents. In order to remove dents with dry ice, you will want to put a piece of the dry ice in the center of a dent when this is possible. Leave the dry ice in place until the area a couple inches outside of the dent is all frosted, and then remove the dry ice to let the sun warm up the dent. Sometimes repeating this process a couple of times is all it takes for the dent to pop back out.

Get rid of gophers and other small pests in your yard

Dry ice is heavy, and this means that the smoke off from it will make its way down a hole, such as a gopher or other small pest hole. In order to chase out small pests you can put a couple of small pieces of the dry ice down into the hole as far down as you can shove them and leave them in place. Once you feel the pests are gone, you can fill the holes with dirt. You may also want to put big rocks on what used to be the entrances so the pests won't try to return and re-dig the hole.

Store food that needs to be kept chilled

Dry ice also offers you a very easy way to keep food chilled without worrying about the ice quickly melting and making a wet mess that you have to worry about continuously dumping out. In order to keep food cold you will want to put dry ice on the bottom of a storage container, and then put food in with it. You can cover the container with a lid, but you don't want to seal the container up tightly. After about 6 hours, you can seal the lid all the way down, and this will help to prevent the growth of bacteria as well as protect the food from bugs and dirt.

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