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3 Tips For Ordering Vegan-Friendly Pizza For Delivery

A vegan diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy a delicious pizza. Most restaurants can make your pizza to your specifications. So, when you want pizza delivery, use these tips to ensure you receive a vegan-friendly pizza that you can feel good about enjoying.

1. Ask the Restaurant if They Offer Vegan Options

These days, many restaurants offer fully vegan options for their pizzas and other foods. You can save a lot of time by asking what vegan options they offer. You may find yourself surprised at the number of different types of vegan pizzas you can choose from. Some restaurants will have meatless alternatives for many toppings. That means you can order a pie with several toppings if you want and not just the equivalent of salad as a topping. Not that there's anything wrong with salad as a topping.

2. Check Out the Menus Online

You can also save a lot of time by looking at the menus for your local restaurants online. Many pizza places and other restaurants have online menus you can browse through to see what they have. Some menus may have sections devoted entirely to vegan options. Even without such options, some menus will indicate if the ingredients of a particular pizza contain dairy or other ingredients you want to avoid. Look for the nutritional information, and call to ask if you're unsure about something. You can find vegan options for a pizza that fit your tastes and then order it as you normally would.

3. Learn What Ingredients Make for a Vegan Pizza

If you cannot find a restaurant with a good vegan pizza option, you can always have a restaurant build you a vegan pizza. If the restaurant has the right ingredients, it can make you exactly what you need. However, you need to know what to ask for.

Avoiding animals and animal byproducts isn't always easy. To help you get started, here are a few things that can make an excellent vegan pizza:

  • Dough made just from flour, yeast, and water
  • Pizza sauce made strictly from tomatoes and spices
  • Vegan cheese, where available, or skip the cheese

That's enough for a vegan pizza on its own. If you're not clear on it, make sure to ask if the sauce or crust contains products that aren't vegan-friendly. For example, some crusts may contain parmesan sprinkled on it, and some sauces may contain animal byproduct of some sort. You will certainly want to pile on the toppings, and the vegan options for toppings are endless. So once you're clear about the crust and sauce, just pile on whatever veggies or meatless alternatives the restaurant offers.

Vegan doesn't mean you have to give up the things you love. It just means you have to put a little more thought into the things you eat. As long as you go about the process the right way, you can feel free to order pizza delivery whenever you feel.

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