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Beyond The Usual Meats, Expect Your Online Butcher Shop To Sell These Products

When you browse the products that are available at an online butcher shop, you'll see the things that you can find in your local stores — and also a variety of other products that you don't commonly see locally. It can be fun to browse the butcher shop's website and take note of the meat products that are new to you. While you might not place an order exclusively to buy such products, you'll often want to add some of these things to a larger order that includes conventional items such as steaks, ground beef, bacon, and chicken breasts. Here are some additional meat products that your online butcher shop likely has available.


Many online butcher shops sell beef bones, which can be appealing to consumers for different reasons. If you're interested in making soup stock, including the popular bone broth, you'll need these bones. While some grocery stores definitely sell bones, this isn't always the case. Sometimes, you'll need to ask for bones at the butcher counter, and you may not be happy about the freshness of the bones that you receive. When you order bones in your online purchase, this won't be the case. If you have a pet dog, you might also appreciate having access to bones to give the pet as a treat.

Beef Tallow

When you browse the available products that your online butcher shop offers, you can expect to see beef tallow — something that is difficult to find in person, with the exception of visiting a specialized meat shop. Typically sold in plastic tubs or glass jars, this type of beef fat is a valuable addition for anyone who loves cooking. You can fry products in beef tallow to give them a richer flavor, as well as use it brush on your steaks as they cook.

Organ Meat

Many grocery stores sell liver but may not have a selection of other organ meats. Organ meats aren't for everyone — some people don't like their rich flavor. However, these meats are packed with nutrients, making them a valuable part of your diet. You can typically buy organ meats such as heart, lung, tripe, and more, all from your online butcher shop. With some online research, you'll be able to find a number of ways to use them in the kitchen — and to transform them so that their taste and texture are a little more palatable to you and your family.

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