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4 Keurig Pod Flavors Based On Locations

As you shop for Keurig pods to use in a Keurig machine, a majority of flavors are pretty straight-forward, including hazelnut and French vanilla. Other flavor names may leave you with questions, wondering what exactly the coffee tastes like.

Follow our guide to learn about four K cup flavors based off of locations and how the flavors tie into the local area to provide you with a unique taste.

1. Vermont Country Blend

Enjoy a taste of New England with the Vermont Country Blend flavor. The coffee mixes both light roast and dark roast beans together to offer a smooth taste while you think the coffee. Vermont is known for the maple syrup extracted from the state's large Maple trees and the coffee represents this with a slight taste of maple sugar infused into the coffee beans.

2. Hawaiian Blend

In the state of Hawaii, there are special coffee beans grown there known as Kona beans. If you purchase a Hawaiian blend coffee, part of the bean mixture will contain the Kona bean blend. The beans are different than Arabic beans due to the slightly sweet flavors and a rich flavor profile.

Some Hawaiian blends may not contain Kona beans, but replicate the flavors using a bold medium roast blend. A bold coffee means that more coffee grounds are used in the K-cup so the coffee is darker, more dense, and contains more caffeine.

3. Nantucket Blend

The Nantucket blend is a unique flavor option, because rather than focusing on the local flavors of Nantucket, the coffee combines different flavors from all around the world. When you purchase a Nantucket blend, you can enjoy a mix of a French roast, African beans, and Indonesian beans. The combination provides a smoky and sweet texture with a smooth aftertaste.

The blend has several layers of flavors which come out through the heat of the brewing machine. When combined with add-ins like sugar and cream, the flavors elevate to provide a layered taste each time.

4. Italian Roast

In Italy, the toasting process for coffee beans is different than other countries. An Italian roast coffee means that the beans have been roasted for an extended amount of time, creating a dark and oily look to the coffee grounds. The extra roasting time eliminates the amount of acid in the coffee, but also cuts down on the caffeine level.

The unique flavors from the Italian Roast are due to the dark roasting technique and the flavors that come out of the oils from within the bean.

Try one or more of the unique location-based flavors the next time you order K-cup coffee pods for your coffee maker.

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