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When Buying 2-Pound Bags Of Colombian Coffee Beans Is Worth It

When you see a big, 2-pound bag of Colombian coffee beans for sale, your first thought might be, "that's a lot of coffee!" And it is. However, there are definitely times when buying Colombian whole bean coffee 2 pounds at a time is worth it. This is often the way to get the best deal on your beans overall, especially if you're in any of the following situations.

You have several coffee drinkers in the family.

While it might take a single person a while to go through 2 pounds of coffee, if you have multiple coffee drinkers in your home, you'll probably burn through those 2 pounds of beans faster than you'd think. You need, on average, 0.38 ounces of coffee beans to make a single cup. That means that 2 pounds, or 32 ounces of coffee beans, is enough to make about 84 cups of coffee. If there are two people in your home who each drink one cup of coffee per day, then 2 pounds of Colombian coffee beans will last you 42 days, or about one and a third months. It's completely reasonable to buy one and a third months' worth of coffee at a time.

You're supplying an office.

When you're supplying a whole office with coffee, you need to be prepared for the office workers to really burn through cup after cup on longer, more stressful days. While some types of coffee may be more polarizing and may only appeal to a subset of the people in your office, Colombian coffee beans are pretty mild. Most coffee drinkers like them. So, buying a 2-pound bag of Colombian coffee beans is an easy way to meet the needs of most of your employees with one purchase, rather than having to buy smaller bags of multiple different types of coffee.

You have ways to store coffee well.

Even if you are a single person drinking coffee, you can buy a 2-pound bag of Colombian beans as long as you have a good way to store them. There are plenty of plastic and metal coffee containers that seal tightly and will keep your beans fresh for months. You can extend their life even more if you keep them in the freezer. Even if you only drink one cup a day, you can generally keep 2 pounds of beans fresh until you use them as long as you have the right gear.

Buying a 2-pound bag of Colombian coffee isn't for everyone. However, it can be a wise way to keep coffee costs down in the situations above.

For more information on a 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee, contact a company near you.

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